Meet the Brand Disrupting the Australian Vitamin Industry

The vitamin landscape in Australia is overwhelming. A walk through any dedicated vitamin store will have your eyes playing tricks while a trip to the chemist — despite offering a more curated and smaller collection of supplements — can feel just as confusing.

The issue with vitamin consumption begins with an oversaturation of choice and ends with a lack of credible information to back up claims we need to be taking zinc every day — no wait, echinacea… or was it vitamin B?

And when we don’t know what we’re taking or how often we’re taking it, it’s easier to miss nutritional deficiencies and in some cases, unknowingly take too much of one vitamin or mineral, which can be dangerous.

But one new Australian company called Vitable is working to combat this with personalised vitamin packs designed for each individual to suit their diets, lifestyles and wellness goals.

The Vitable experience

Vitable is different from major supplement distributors because it helps you curate a selection of the vitamins you need, and none of those you don’t.

Before recommending any products, Vitable will have you fill out an online quiz and health assessment that questions your diet and nutrition, energy levels, digestion, mental health, sleep quality, and goals for your health — be this improved skin appearance, healthier-looking hair, improved brain function or heart health.

Following the assessment, Vitable’s algorithm will recommend a personalised selection of vitamins from trustworthy brands to address your goals and help you achieve an optimal state of wellbeing. Should you wish to add certain vitamins to your order, you can.

Once processed, a box of 30 daily vitamin sachets (with your name and supplement list on them) is shipped free to your home in an aesthetically pleasing grab-and-go box.

My Vitable review

Curious to see what Vitable could do for my health, I committed to one month of the program. The Vitable algorithm recommended I take Ashwagandha to improve my sleep and stress levels, as well as fish oil for supported heart, brain, eye and skin health. Since I’m currently taking no other supplements, I opted to add a couple of extra vitamins on top of this to include zinc, probiotics, and biotin.

Like any Buzzfeed quiz addict, I enjoyed filling out the wellness questionnaire and I deemed the entire process significantly easier, faster and way more appealing than visiting a dizzying vitamin store and telling my personal health concerns to a shop assistant.

Once my pack arrived, I began taking the supplements each morning — six in total. Now, I’m a well person who experiences good health on a daily basis, but I do experience heavy afternoon slumps, light headaches and regular breakouts.

In the month of my Vitable trial, I did notice a slight lift to my overall energy levels and a cosmetic improvement to my skin, which for me is reason enough to continue my Vitable membership, however, I do admit swallowing six pills first thing in the morning felt like a lot at the 12-day mark. It took a bit of getting used to. All in all, I would recommend Vitable, and I actually did on multiple occasions to my friends.

Vitable products are free from unnecessary fillers, GMO ingredients and common allergens like gluten or lactose.

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