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TheLatch— expands cultural conversations beyond clickbait — to give you the tools to have richer conversations and a deeper understanding of the topics you care about.

We’re focused on curating entertainment, beauty, grooming, wellness and lifestyle content that makes you smarter.

We provide relevant and responsive information through breaking news, interesting long-forms and bite-sized pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

We’re Australian, but we know our audience is globally read, and our content will reflect that.

We strive to deliver diverse opinions and voices across our platforms through a roster of regular contributors and writers.

For now, our content is split into three categories:

Entertainment —

As your new home for entertainment, TheLatch— will bring you the very best in film, television, music, streaming and celebrity. Your go-to for all things culturally relevant, we’ll lift the latch (yes, we went there) on what’s important and interesting. From movie reviews and exclusive celebrity interviews, to unearthing Easter eggs in the latest Marvel film, we’ll ensure you’re entertained and armed with thought-provoking takeaways to drive deeper conversations on everything pop culture.


Our lifestyle content will bring new perspectives on the ever-changing topics relating to the way we live. We will share news, informative deep dives, tips and advice across travel, fashion, sustainability, relationships, sex, career, interiors — the list goes on. We’re here to fuel your dinner table conversations and expand your thinking across a range of interesting topics. If you want to stop and think, feel inspired, or try something new, visit TheLatch—.

Beauty & Wellness

TheLatch— is here to address and answer all of your beauty, grooming and wellness questions. From workouts and recipes, to skincare tips and first-person reviews, we promise to provide sharp, straightforward and digestible content — from a range of different voices. We won’t promise any wondrous ‘fixes’ to overhaul your body or face before next weekend, but we will offer realistic advice on how to generally enhance your wellbeing. Because you’ve made it this far, so you must be doing something right.

This is TheLatch—

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